Oct 16, 2008

Why doesn't NSS Labs have a report on Product X?

Just because you don't see a product evaluation report on our website, it does not mean we have not evaluated the product. There are several possible scenarios:
  • NSS Labs is in process of testing the product. However, due to NDA and confidentiality reasons we cannot disclose whether or not we are testing a given product until the vendor decides to make it public.
  • The product vendor is waiting to release a new major revision before having it (re-)certified.
  • The product was evaluated by NSS Labs, but issues were found that the vendor opted to fix before completing the public certification.
  • The product simply has not yet been evaluated. NSS Labs operates meaningful and rigorous product testing. Not every vendor wishes to subject their product to this process.
NSS Labs makes every effort to involve product vendors in our tests. However, for various reasons, we cannot always secure their participation. Since you as a reader may not know which of the above cases is true, we recommend you inquire with the product vendor's PR or product management team.